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Monday, March 08, 2010

Wait! I Can Type More Than 140 Characters?

Hello blog. It's been awhile. You and I used to be so close, and yet its been so long since we've seen each other. I guess I was lured away by newer, sleaker, faster networking sites that took less maintenance on my part. You were just so needy. I actually had to learn html code for you! I know, I know. You're much more user friendly than you used to be. I haven't even explored your newest features. I'm just sorry that you have become so neglected. Links are broken, code is out of date and messy to the point that some of your content is indecipherable. You are the internet equivailent of an unattended garden. For that, I appologize. (I especially appologize for the time I wasted on that whore, MySpace. Have you seen that thing lately? Its just sad.)

But, I haven't forgotten about you. That is the truth. Everytime I open Firefox I'm reminded of the hours I spent writing about a movie I'd seen, or the comments and discussion created from a particularly biting rant on the government (Ah, the Bush administration. Good times...)

I can't promise that I will ever be as faithfully prolific a blogger as I once was. I have new responsibilities and priorities that take up much of the time I once spent writing. But, I will say that I've missed you. I've missed the degree to which I could really unleash on a subject. I miss the clarity of thought can only come through hundreds of words as opposed to 140 characters. It will not be once or twice a week perhaps as it was between 2005 and 2007, but I am going to make an asserted effort to not wait another year before I write in you.