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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Coming Soon!The Final Ride: Part 3

Don't Miss!

Sooner than later you will be reading the final installment of the saga of Broqueric Martinez and his attempt to save a young girl from a speeding train.

The final episode will contain thrills, chills, intrigue, action, and romance. It's a riotous laugh, and a heartbreaking tail of revenge and redemption.

Coming soon to Great Blogs of Fire:

As soon as I'm done with this story I will be free to write more blogs. As it is I didn't want a whole lot between installments. The first one just flew out, but the last two have been a little laboreous. Enjoyable, nonetheless. But, I'm about halfway throught the final bit, so you'll have it soon. After that I am planning:

Short movie reviews on all of the movies I've seen in the last couple months

My thoughts on Turkey and the debate between Canned Shapped Cranberry Sauce or the whole berry kind

A spot on The Earlies and their awesome show in Denton last weekend.

Rants on social injustice and the Republicans

and Recipes for flan

Stay tuned.


B-Rock said...

Next time you go to Denton, give me a call! We're right on your way, only about 25 miles before Denton!

sarahdawn said...

Romance? There's a part of the story I don't recall. Although I've discovered there is much, much more to this story than I ever new - and I'm talking the real true story, not the amazingly embellished one we've been reading! For instance, I had no idea you were launching from so far away with an actualy launcher. It guess the success, or failure, of a mission is always in the details.

Chad said...

Great story! I look forward to reading the conclusion. I'll reserve in theological and philosophical musings until the end.