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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Future

In the past month I've posted three times. This, of course will not stand. My only complaint about the summertime without any obligations is that it breeds laziness. I have struggled my entire life with intrinsic motivation. I've always relied on the accountability of others to help me fullfill goals that I want to accomplish. This was true in school and is still true in my job. It keeps me going, for sure. But, when there is no accountability I am guilty of failure which explains my absense from blogging as of late.

I plan to correct this, as blogging has always been something I enjoyed and was kind of proud of keeping up. When I started it I half-way didn't expect to still be blogging a year and some change later. With the end of school and having been out of town every weekend since, I've found that I have a lot to write about but really don't know if I want to write about any of it. I sometimes find myself looking at what I've written and being bored myself. Perhaps I shouldn't care. Ideas have come to me but they usually end up seeming trite for some reason. But, here is a list of topics for upcoming blogs. I'm a list kind of guy. I suppose that I need them to separate what seems jumbled in my head. Something I can look at. Anyway, here it is.

1. Summer plans

2. What I've done so far this summer.

3. Screenplay

4. The war in Iraq

5. A constitutional ban on gay marriage.

6. The Astros

7. Getting in shape (this will be handled more on my other blog, "Run, Fat Man, Run!"

We won't be limited to this, but hopefully I'll get into a routine of some kind. First, I need to go to sleep before 4 a.m.

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Dan Carlson said...

Welcome back to the interwebs. They've missed you.