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Monday, November 27, 2006

Return to Blogging Haiku

There's been so much on my mind lately and so much time to write that I've been doing the right thing and spending that time with my lovely wife.

But, the neglect of my blog is no small issue in my mind. On the contrary, it has been bothering me. The reason that I started to write a blog was because I wanted an outlet to express my opinions and feelings about things that were happening to me and around me. I figured that I would never keep a journal of this kind if I were to just write it in a private journal. Either the awaiting public or the naive belief in one is the primary reason that I've been able to keep it up this long. I'm convinced of this.

So without further ado, my next installment of Haiku Blogging:

So long without blogs.
My laziness is not new.
So much left unsaid.

Dallas was calling
From friends and family, too.
We all ate fart cheese.

The set for Forum
Is not finished but I've had
Greater miracles.

Don't try and tell Doc.
He won't hear future events
And lighting will strike.

Time curcuits on, now.
Flux copacitor, fluxing.
Doc ain't ready yet!

When you hit eight-eight
Be sure the cables are set
And the movie's done.

Students will have fun
If you take them to Corpus.
Make sure you stay sane.

Thanksgiving is great.
It is a week to take off.
Oh, yeah. And give thanks.

Taking a week off.
Is not nearly good enough.
It's like a teaser.

There it is. I hope you enjoyed the little Back to the Future sidetracking. Later.


Mary Lou said...

I left a comment and then when I tried to sign in to post, it went crazy. I have switched over the the Beta blogger update and have a new password, etc. So when I logged on it totally switched out the comment and I'm having to do it over. So in short...welcome back, liked the Haiku, check out my new blog look.

Chad said...

Great Haiku. Glad you're back. I look forward to reading more.

Anonymous said...

love the haiku
esp. Back to the Future
Were you in Dallas?