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Monday, November 12, 2012

Should an Expensive Cordless Power Drill Break in Half After Falling From Four Feet Up?

So, this happened to my expensive drill gun after falling to the floor off a counter. Bummed, but hoping that Hitachi Power Tools will hook me up. Feel free to help by emailing them on my behalf. I only had the drill for about a year when this happened. It had never been mistreated and hadn't even been used that much, due to the fact that I wasn't teaching theatre last year.


Jason said...

I got your back. Here's what I wrote to them:

I have recently discovered that many of your power drills do not carry the durability that I would expect from you, especially at the prices you charge. My brother, Kyle Martin, purchased one of your drills, and after a year of less of use, it dropped off a counter and split in two! Now I understand that nothing, least of all power tools are indestructible, but a simple fall from a 4-foot counter should not cause near the damage that this did.

It split the drill in half. That is nothing less than cheap, shoddy craftsmanship. I would encourage you to own up to the terrible work that went into testing this durability. Make this right by Mr. Martin, and take a good look at yourselves in the mirror, asking, "Am I satisfied by making a terrible product for a buck, or do I want to change the world?"

Kyle said...

Jason, that's amazing. Simply amazing. They didn't, however, give a crap. No new drill.

Richard C. Lambert said...

The 12v Dewalt Nicad is only about six months old, and the battery life on it is pretty pathetic. That makes it pretty much a two horse race between the Dewalt and the Snap-On.porter cable impact driver