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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

From a Reddit post 12/30. My updated rankings. Not sure why but this post switched my numbering. It should start with 15 and rank down to 1.  

  1. Australian Outback-As the second season there wasn't much to compare it to, so naturally it was a hit at the time. I, however, was one of the few Americans not watching apparently, so the insane hype around it is odd to me, looking back at it. I had no clue what was going on. Now, as a fan, I hold no nostalgia for The Australia season and found it pretty boring. I honestly think that if it had been my first season to watch instead of Borneo, Panama, and Worlds Apart, I would not have kept watching. 
  2. Cook Island
  3. Fiji
  4. Marquesas-Just as I was starting to connect with particular players they are voted off. The crawl to the end was pretty uneventful and I lost interest as it went along. I'm glad to know Boston Rob is coming back, as that should be fun.
  5. Thailand-A lot of people don't seem to like Thailand, and the first is definitely a slog. However, overall it seems underrated, in my opinion. There's a lot going on here, even if it takes until the last few episodes to realise it. 
  6. Gabon
  7. Worlds Apart
  8. Africa- lots of great characters in Africa that made it pretty compelling to watch, even if the game play wasn't yet on par with later seasons. 
  9. ChinaPanama In addition to adding one of the seasons that I have seen since my initial ranking I've reordered my top 5 a bit. 
  10. Amazon-I was never bored in this season. Even when stuff wasn't happening the personalities kept me entertained. The only thing I would have liked was for Rob to have gotten a shot at the FTC. Reminds me of Tocancins in a lot of ways except with a less likeable winner. 
  11. Tocancins-moved it down a couple pegs. Still like it but it just doesn't hold the appeal over time the way some of the others have. 
  12. Micronesia
  13. Cambodia-One sluggish episode in the middle, but overall a riveting season. I was on the edge of my seat for most eps. I'm tempted to make it number one but I'm holding off because I'm afraid it's just the recentcy bias talking. 
  14. Borneo

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