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Monday, April 24, 2006

Can I Get a Grip-ness?!

To the Good People at Tresme (ooh, la, la. Yeah, them):

Your huge bottle of shampoo is heavy and without any rubber grips. It's sleak aerodynamic design may be inexpensive to produce or perhaps it is a matter of style, but my toes request that you find some manner in which to better hold on to your product container while in a wet, slippery, soapy environment. An appeal has been made to my wife to buy different, easier to handle brands of shampoo, but she likes yours, for some reason. Sure I could go get my own, but, this notwithstanding, I believe that this is a reasonable request. If the BIC Company can put rubber grips on their pens I think that you can follow suit with an item that actually needs one.

Many thanks,
Kyle "Tender Toes" Martin


Mo said...

I agree, 100%. This in particular is the reason I no longer use Treseme. I have tender little toes, too :)

ML said...

I also use Treseme shampoo and conditioner. I really like the product. My gripe with the container is not that I've dropped it on my toes, however if I did my bunions might have to sue....but my arthritic thumbs can't squeeze that big, fat bottle. I have to try to use two hands and contort them in such a way as to get shampoo in the cup of my palm. Not an easy task, I'm here to say. Well I guess we should actually send a snail mail to the company. Or we could just pour some of the shampoo into another bottle that we can hold???

Kyle said...

I went ahead and left these messages on the TREsemme website. We'll see what happens.

Jason said...

Why don't you just squirt the shampoo into a smaller bottle you can handle and refill as needed? That's what Kari's been doing with her shampoo for a few years now.

By the way, the sooner you can figure out when you and Amanda are comingto Michigan, the better. Our calendar is beginning to fill up. Also, if you end up driving, it would be a DIRT CHEAP trip, and remember that your iPod can play movies for those long road trips.