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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Likes and the Like

I like waffles

I like pancakes

But I like waffles more than pancakes


I like eggs

I thought I liked Eggbeaters

I was wrong


I like films made by artist

I dislike movies made by entrepreneurs

Some times that's not true, but it's more of an idealistic thing.


I like wearing socks with sandals

I hate when my socks get wet

You will never see me in socks with flip-flops


I like cuddling

I like kissing

Kissing and cuddling simultaneously is the best


I like order

I like a little disorder

I dislike it when someone else imposes their version of order on me


I like the month of May

My birthday is in May

There might be a correlation, but I think I would like May regardless


I like hard workers

I'm annoyed with defeatists

I dislike hard workers who think that everyone else should act and believe as they do


I like people

I like nice people the best

I like mean people but more in the way that some people like dinosaurs or sharks, or single celled organisms.


I like money, I think it's pretty and it smells nice

I don't like what money does to a society

I've got enough of it


I hope you like these

I want you to like these

If you don't I'm not going to be hurt

1 comment:

sarahdawn said...

I like May too. I particularly like your birthday. How old are you now? I know how old I am, but I don't remember how much older I am than you are. I had to write down my age recently when I went to the eyer doctor. It was the first time I had to do it since my birthday this year. It was weird to see that number and know it was talking about me.