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Monday, October 23, 2006

Republicans Are Mean, but Democrats are Stupid

Today I saw this picture of Collin Powell holding up the infamous vile of anthrax from his U.N. Speech 3.5 years ago. The caption said that he considered this his lowest point and that he regrets acting on behalf of the Bush Administration.

I like people who admit they are wrong. I like it when people ask for forgiveness and are contrite. People who have the ability to humble themselves really get on my good side, quick. This is why I have such a problem with Bush. He's never came out and said, "I'm sorry." I'll bet the Republicans could clear this whole mess up that they're in if they would just come out and say, "Hey, guys. Listen. We screwed up. We screwed up on everything. Iraq, the economy, Hurricane Katrina, and we take full responsibility. A good half of the Republicans in office are corrupt and only work in the interest of big oil and big buisiness, and we have done a really bad job of serving everyone below the upper tax bracket. We're sorry. We're going to try better, from now on." If they did this the Democrats wouldn't have a chance because I think most people want to like the Republicans. Afterall, the gays and terrorists and aethists are Democrats!

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Jason said...

As an aethist, I have to say that you are right. I am a Democrat, at least in part because I am an aethist. I love beauty, and all things that are beautiful. Of course, beauty really is in the eye of the beholder, so what I may not consider to be aesthetically pleasing, someone else probably does. For instance, I don't think that a lack belief in a higher power is all that beautiful, but those atheists sure do. Those atheist see a certain aesthetic quality in a Godless world. I disagree, though.

And I'd rather be stupid than mean any day.