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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

7 Haikus, (the plural for Haiku? Haiki?)

Broncitis sucks hard
I got some medicine, yeah
Gonna clear me up

My nose is sniffly
I've got my tissues on hand
Blow and snot comes out

Missed school on Monday
I wouldn't say I missed it
I was not there, though

Too afraid to sleep
Night flies by too fast for me
It's good to put off

Wasting time is fun
This is just as it should be

Who am I fooling?
I am such an idiot
Tomorrow will suck

This is the last one
My fingers hurt from counting
Please don't ask me why


ML said...

Pretty good Haiku, Kyle. I hope that you are feeling lots better now.

hkmart3 said...

I enjoyed the haikus. And i completely understand your dilemma regarding whether to stay away from work or not. You stated exactly what internal conflict was handed down to me from my ancesters, and what I probably passed on to you. It must be in the genes. Of course, having to be a teacher, you've got to be ON all day, with energy and all of the concentration and focus that it requires. With me, I can be sick while working as well as while sitting around the house all day.