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Sunday, March 13, 2005


I woke up this morning at 5 in the A.M. with the worst fever I can remember having. My lovely wife made it go down, so I am happy for that. It was a miserable experience but I don't want pity, since I'm not really supposed to care what people think of me based on what they read here.

More weirdness about this blogging thing. This is supposed to be like a personal journal that every one sees. But that is impossible since if there is the possibility someone is going to see this it is going to be edited and filtered as to not alarm people. LIke, for instance, in a journal I would write all kinds of personal things about my wife and I, which Amanda would, understandably, kill me for. So, with this logic a blog must serve a greater purpose than just as a journal. If I really wanted to write a journal I would do that on a word document that I hid in some remote folder of my computer. But, I don't have the discipline for that. If I don't think that maybe someone somewhere out there gives a rip and is going to read it, it is very hard to get something down on paper. But, you might say, "Kyle, what about all of those poems and songs you write. You're not a musician, so why do you write all of that if you don't believe that someone is going to read." In the deep recesses of my ego I still believe that I will someday be a rock star. I hope that answers that question. It is a point of frustration for Amanda who sometimes has to pry me from the computer. Garage Band has really hurt my dedication to most everything else. Luckily, it's kind of seeping out of my system now, so I don't spend as much time using it. It is more in small doses, now. But for a while there I was a little bit of an addict. What I really need to be doing is writing plays and perfecting old ones.

So anyway, I've decided that this blog should serve a greater purpose than simply a online peek into the deeper recesses of my brain. My great love is writing plays, so I think it only appropriate that it should act as a area to talk about that. Or maybe just anything. I can't really limit what I talk about in here, just perhaps the manner in which I talk about it, I suppose. My mom told me I can't cuss on here since people who don't like cussing might read it. I understand that. I will keep this place tidy. Not that I use language like that anyway.

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