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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Mid spring blues

I'm finding it very hard to get excited to go to work and teach kids. Especially with me having to be gone so much for the UIL contest play. It's impossible to start anything because I won't be there for them to get instruction on anything. I think this also gives the students an expectation that we aren't doing anything anymore so then when I do try to start something of substance it goes to crap. I am caught between my heart and my sense of duty. I would really rather just do plays after school and get to ignore the classes that I teach during the day. But I know that I can't do this. For one, it would be unethical (I guess.) For two those theatre 1 kids don't get involved in the theatre department and the program doesn't grow. I sometimes feel like my theatre 1 kids are all going to be sick of me and won't want to be in theatre 2 next year. Not that they're even going to have me next year, they'll have Mrs. Parker, but I want her to have a good group of second year kids like she does this year. I would very disappointed if I couldn't recruit enough kids for her second year classes. Of course, I was supposed to have theatre 2, but she wants to keep them for next year. I was kind of looking forward to having theatre 2. Oh well. Nothing funny to say right now.

I'm listening to Clipse, so I got this funky base and tune in my ears as I'm typing and I'm trying to keep up with the rhythm with my fingers on the keys. I'm also dancing in my desk chair. That makes this entry that much harder to write. But this song is just so funky and hype. It's dope. I don't think I can write anymore and keep up with the rhythm of this song. Thank God. The song is over. This next song is mellow so I feel like I have to keep up. I can just chill and hit "Publish Post"

Is it bad that I'm already ready for summer?

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ML said...

I've got those mid spring blues too, Kyle. I had a hard week and the spring days are making it very hard to teach. I believe the students feel it too. They want to go outside and play. But I have to put them to work. I want to go outside and play too. I'm counting days by big events that are pending. Your brother's wedding, your other brother's child's birth, my flight to Michigan. It helps if I break my remaining days up that way. We'll make it through. You'll love the fresh start of a new school year, but right now I sympathize with you wanting the break to play. Mom