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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sad Saturday

Spring break was nice. Amanda and I went to Austin and then San Antonio and had a really eventful, albeit short time. Today is really the last day she and I have to spend without having to worry about what to do tomorrow. School starts back again on Monday and I'm not particularly stoked about it. I'm not loving my technical theatre job right now. The kids in there don't care two licks about doing any work, and therefore it's a pain to try and do anything with them. With that said, there really isn't that much work to do. I could give them book work, or try to teach them something, but they resent busy work and I resent feeling like I have to give it to keep them busy. I know this class is going to change drastically next year because I am determining who gets in and who does not. It will be treated like an upper level class instead of the blowoff class that it has been for probably the last twenty years or so. I've all but given up with this year's bunch. As for my other classes they are fine. I can handle theatre 1. When in doubt, give them the job of putting together a skit or scene of some kind. In a couple of week we are going to have to start finding a short play for us to perform for the final six weeks. That will be a huge load off, because every student will know that everyday is rehearsal. And if we aren't rehearsing we are working on the play in some capacity.

Amanda and I are trying to find something to do today for free. As fun as our jaunt through Central Texas was, it has left us penniless until our tax refund or next paycheck comes a calling.

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ML said...

Ah, the younger days of marriage when we looked for free entertainment...yes I remember them well. However, I must say not too well because we usually had a baby to watch...for free. Hang in there because I just know the end of May will be here before we know it.