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Monday, July 04, 2005

10 Reflections for the 4th

1. U.S. companies that use the colors red, white, and blue to market their products have to work harder to create a catchy phrase or graphic to represent their company for fear that they will look like every other company that does this. Does France and Chilé have this problem? Does Mexico and Italy have this problem with the colors orange, green and white?

2. I am drinking Mexican beer today. Is there something wrong with that?

3. Two days before the Declaration of Independence was signed John Adams wrote that the anniversary of that date would be celebrated "with pomp and parade, with games, shows, sports, guns, bells, bonfires, and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other..." But was he counting on cover bands and heat stroke?

4. Given today's technological world are the fireworks done by a remote location or do pyro maniacs, hired by the city, run up and down the field during the fireworks show lighting wicks with little sticks with a smoldering tip?

5. If places like Astroworld, Six Flags, Disney World, and Sea World are the gallerias for buying cheap, useless crap, 4th of July festivals have got to be the strip malls.

6. Country music is typically of the South. The South hated the North in the Civil War. The North typically represented the U.S.A., or the Union. Is it ironic that mainstream country is the primary producers of modern patriotic music when they were cursing the U.S. just a little over 100 years ago?

7. I wonder what the British think about on the 4th of July. Probably nothing, but if questioned what would the average British person think about the Revolutionary War? Again, probably nothing.

8. If freedom isn't free, as is proclaimed by many a bumper sticker, what does "certain inalienable rights" mean? Well, I looked it up. It means that these rights cannot be taken away or given away, or transferred to another. So if we are born with these rights, as our Declaration of Indepence states then freedom is free.

9. Homemade ice cream is way better than any other kind of ice cream. Hands down.

10. This day seems much hotter than when I was a kid. To me this is is hard evidence of global warming. I'm warmer and I live on the globe. Makes sense.


priest said...

Ironically, I'm drinking German beer in Mexico. Oktoberfest. But I'm guessing your drinking either Dos Equis or Modelo, both very nice choices. Here's to Amerika.

priest said...

and no, there's nothing wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

In England, they celebrate the fourth of July because it's a big American holiday. Seriously, they don't realize what it is, iut's just another day to party to them.

Dave said...


Dan Carlson said...

1. Doubtful.
2. Not at all. I was, too.
3. Had Adams foreseen cover bands, he might have called off the entire idea of the U.S.
4. A combination: They give the pyros remotes.
5. Word.
6. It kind of makes sense. The South seceded over business and states's rights, and country music praises the individuality behind that. Plus, they still wear the Confederate flag on their camo ballcaps. Losers.
7. They're probably glad their ancestors didn't make the trip.
8. Exactly. Not only is our freedom free and inalienable, but it's not like Saddam was taking it away. My freedom was fought for and won more than two centuries ago. I'm good. Now I have to worry about the Patriot Act.
9. Man I miss Texas.
10. Um, okay.

Nathan Bruhn said...

Freedom costs a buck-o-five.....it costs a buck-o-five......

Team America: World Police