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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

My site over at Xanga

Click on the link above to view my site hosted over at Xanga. It is a blog hosting site, like the one we are on here. One thing that I like about Xanga that Blogger doesn't offer is a quick and easy way to link and post a picture of music that you are listening to, a movie you are watching, or a book you are reading. I've wanted to use the Xanga site for something for awhile, as I got it initially to post replies to other people's Xanga. I've decided that since they have the affore mentioned feature I'll use it to post my thoughts on new CDs that I buy or books that I read or movies that I watch. I won't post there nearly as much and will make note here when I've made an update. But if you want to check it out it is there.


ML said...

Okay, I clicked on your Xanga link and I at once heard a song about "Ride". I liked it. But my question is: Did you post the song? Was it a song you were listening to on your computer or do you own it? Cool site. Its interesting that your "interests" on Xanga are a bit more "-arts" related than the ones we read on this Eblog. Ha.

Kyle said...

that song is called "Frustrated Cowboy" by a band from Austin called El Gato. You can add songs to your site at Blogger, also, but it's actually a little annoying if you visit the site often. All you have to do is find a song link and enter it in where it says music in your profile setup.