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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

New York State of Mind

Amanda and I are off to NYC for our 3rd anniversary. I haven't been back to New York since I was in a summer film workshop there in the summer of 2000. At the time I hated NY, Manhattan imparticularly. Why, you ask, do I want to go back if I hated it so much? Well, I don't hate New York. I hated about the first two weeks I was there and felt contained on this prisonous island of brick and cement. I longed for nature. I didn't have many friends at first, and I missed my friends at home. After awhile it got better, especially when I went to upstate NY to see a friend in the musical Gypsy that she was doing in summer-stock.

As far as a vacation destination, I love NY. Amanda and I have history with NY even though we've never been there together. That summer I would sit in my dorm room, reading, doing push ups, listening to music, writing and anything else I could do to keep my mind occupied in my drab, posterless, TVless cell. I called a lot of friends back home. One time I called my friend Christine, but she wasn't home so I talked to her mom, who I had met more than a few times. She encouraged me to get in touch with her other daughters who were counselors at a camp Shiloh, a few hours away. So I did, as I am not shy about anything. They were not there, or they were busy, but I understood because I had been a camp counselor before. You don't have a lot of free time during the week. I figured at most that if they ever came to the city that we could hang out. But, I didn't get a call back.

Later Amanda said she thought it was wierd that I was calling since I was Christine's friend. Plus she wanted to focus on the kids she was there to serve, and didn't want to worry about meeting up with some guy. She wasn't ready to fall madly in love yet, I suppose. Skip ahead six months and no more waiting. Now she really thinks that I weird, but she loves me anyway. Thank goodness. I love her, too. Three years worth of love. That's a lot of love, but I know there's much more to come.


JD Tatum said...

I am highly jealous of your trip to NY. I've been there a few times with Stacie. We'd spend a day there whenever I would visit her and her family in Connecticut.

Unfortunately, her family moved to Amarillo so New York trips are few and far between (actually nonexistant).

Someday I hope we live close enough that we can take day trips there quite often.

Jason said...

Enjoy NYC, and try to get online while you're there. Any idea what you'll doo while there yet (other than Wicked)?

Deana Nall said...

You know where we went for our 3rd anniversary? Olive Garden. You guys suck.

Chad said...

You know what we did for our 11th? Me neither, except to say that Deana was 2 weeks from having Jenna.

HopieHoper said...

I loved New York when I went, it was a highschool garduation gift from and w/ my sis. Thanks so much for the re, I appreciate it. It's a good thing I like Ashley's acting '-) I'm enjoying your blog, you seem like a cool cat. Be blessed!

greggorant said...

I love visiting NY. Have a great time.

greggorant said...

I love visiting NY. Have a great time.

Nellie said...

Have a fabulous time! Matt and Kara went to NY several weeks ago and had a terrfic visit. Maybe one of these days I will convince Skip that NY is a GREAT place to visit. I've only been once, but thoroughly enjoyed it!


Dave said...

Speaking as someone who has never been to the east coast, or further east that Memphis, TN, let me just say, don't get mugged.

Speaking of mugged its 118 degreed here today. I feel violated.

ML said...

Well by now it is your last full day in "The City". I looked for you in the crowds of "Good Morning America", but I knew you and Amanda would still be asleep. I'm a little jealous too. NYC was a very fun place to visit.
I can't believe it has been 3 years! Happy Anniversary! Oh, and Pumpkin, Bonkers and the red fish (I'm naming him Happy) all say hello.

See you tomorrow. Dad and I will be there to pick you up.

Love, Mom