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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Clothes to the Public

I saw the Never Ending Story so many times as a kid I started to hate it. I really didn't like it that much and remember even thinking that the kid was kind of a douche. I made fun of it more than anything. That's probably just the way I feel now and I'm projecting that memory on my childhood self. I'm sure I actually related to the kid more than I remember.

I went through a low self esteem period as a kid. That may seem hard to believe now, but it was pretty bad. I would wonder if my shirts and clothes were disappointed to be owned by me. When I got a new shirt I always pictured the conversation in my closet.

Red Polo: Hey, who's the new guy?

Long Sleeve White Dress: Hello, sir. How are you?

Long Sleeve Polo With Football Team Logo: I'm a Long Sleeve Polo With Football Team Logo. Who are you guys?

Striped Polo: We are Kyle's Clothes.

LSPWFTL: Who's Kyle?

Nice Looking Green Tee: Did you see that doofus who just hung you up and ripped your tags off?


Belts: That's your new owner.

Jacket: He's going to be wearing you now.

LSPWFTL: Aw, man! What a dweeb!

But then again, I would also imagine that my shirts were secretly wanting to be worn. So, in the morning when I would dress I would say to them, "All right, which one are you am I going to wear today? Sorry, I'm choosing Purple Lacoste. Maybe tomorrow, Striped Wal-Mart Tee." Then I would turn to my name brand clothes (were kept near the front of the closet) and say, "Yeah, right." Then I'd give them all a little friendly jab and laugh.


ML said...

Kyle, you were NOT a dweebe! You just wanted and had to have everyone like you. It hurt you even when the rude, mean little kids wouldn't throw the ball to you at day care. You didn't realize that they were bullies. You were/are a sweet kindhearted person. I always knew that you were a jewel and still are. Your clothes were fine. I never thought you really cared that much about what you wore. You were a fun guy and the kids that weren't mean and awful, knew it and wanted to be your friend.

JD Tatum said...

Weird. I used to do the same thing with underwear.

Kyle said...

nothing like a mom to boost your self esteem.

greggorant said...

i just get happy when today's underwear is one of the black pairs.