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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

New Girls

I now have three girls who have enrolled in my class who are from New Orleans. I'm pretty sure that they all left before the storm got there and have family in Baytown who they are staying with. Because of our overpopulation at the school the only students being enrolled are kids who are staying with family who already live in our district. This is what I heard anyway.

I haven't really had a chance to get into it with the girls, but they all three seem to be in pretty good spirits. One girl has already made friends in the class another is sweet, but quiet. Another will make friends soon, due the fact that she is incredible smart and open. I showed a picture to the students and then asked them to describe it after taking it away. She gave an amazingly detailed and descriptive response, also including how the photo made her feel as well as what she saw. I was very impressed.

Astros game tonight was freakin' awesome. So much pain and then so much celebration.



Jason said...

That sounds interesting. I've been wondering how some of these refugees have done settling in new communities. I'll also be interested to see how many people actually return once the rebuilding process begins. I've heard that many people are resettling elsewhere permanently.

Shameless plug: I started blogging again. I hope to make it more regular now, so everyone can feel free to start reading again.

Kyle said...

I haven't post in a week. I'm feeling discouraged because no one is posting comments. I wonder if it has anything to do with the word verification thing. I know that that's not what blogging is about, but I like the comments. It let's me know that people are out there.

Dan Carlson said...

Interesting, and related: