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Monday, September 26, 2005

Song Tag

Picking up a tag from the Sealer I will now post five songs I am currently digging on. I will also post this on my Xanga.

"The Woman in You" by Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals

"One" the U2 song performed by Johnny Cash

"Girl" by Beck

"Heavy Metal Drummer" Wilco

Theme to the Movie Superman by John Williams. (I was singing it earlier in an effort to annoy my wife on our long and boring trip home from Abilene. I decided that it counted. It worked.)

Okay, I will tag my brother, the Mad Cowboy, ToothpasteForBreakfast, Dan Carlson, and Anne Dickens.


Jason said...

Okay. I took the tag. Here's mine.

I didn't know you were into Ben Harper. Did you know that I saw him in concert last October? He was one of the opening acts (along with My Morning Jacket and Jurassic 5) for The Dave Matthews Band. They played in the "Vote for Change" tour. It was the same show where Neil Yong got on stage and played a few songs with Dave.

ML said...

Okay, I'm really feeling old and left out. You guys need to update my CD's with something more modern. I don't even know who My Morning Jacket and even though I've heard of Radiohead, I don't believe I'd recognize one of their songs if it spacked me in the face.

I still enjoy a soft blues number, but I'm not really hearing anything on the radio I like right now.


ML said...

Okay, I had a few typos there. But I'm sure you know that I meant "I don't even know who My Morning Jacket is" and that I meant "smacked" instead of "spacked".