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Monday, October 10, 2005

Brisket Math

Number of hours it takes to smoke 46 briskets: 12

Number of days it takes to prepare for said brisket smoking: 2

Number of people you will piss off my following my Brisket Smoking Plan: 4-6

Number of people it takes to tell you that said Brisket Smoking Plan is ineffective: 0

Number of people who will tell you anyway: 4-6

Number of happy customers eating delicious brisket: 45 (apparently one was a little to done)

Number of times I let out a barbaric yalp in my car on Friday to relieve stress: 4

Number of high school students who will show up for a lock-in: 19

Number of high school students I expected to show up: Like, 10, max

Number of high school students it takes to rub down 46 briskets in 10 minutes: 19

Number of packages of rub bought for 46 briskets: 15

Number of packages of rub actually used: 10

If all these numbers are added together (assuming "4-6"=6) and divided by the number of stats shown the final number is 12.3333333333333333, etc.

So based on this year's calculations I will die of a brain aneurysm if I try to make any sense out of all this crap.

*Go to the website to check out how the set for A Midsummer Night's Dream turned out*

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