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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Thank You!

Sometimes... Okay, every year between the months of April and October, I ask myself over and over, "Will this be the year? Will this be the year?"

Well, gosh-darnit! This is that year! It is about time, I'm telling you!

Thank you, boys, now let's go to Chicago and do it again. They're all saying you can't do it again, which of course means that you will.

I guess I like Pujols again. I've actually forgotten what I had against him in the first place.

World Series, Baby! Here we go!


marcus said...

congratulations, kyle! i know you've been waiting a long time for this.

meanwhile, i'm still waiting for one season where the rangers don't fall apart after the all-star break. i don't think i'll hold my breath.

sarahdawn said...

I personally still think Pujols sounds like a Spanish curse word.

Kyle said...

It does. It does indeed.

**side note: The word verification that I had to use to post this was "pojuxs." That's wierd!