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Monday, September 25, 2006

Well, It's Been a While...

Here's what you missed:

Imagine owning a shovel for your entire life and only using maybe one to 4 times a year. Everytime you use the shovel it is the most important tool you have and it is vital to the success of your career that your shovel is used those few times a year. You have always had your shovel and probably take it for granted.

Imagine that the most important digging you will do all year needs to be completed yesterday and you know that you and your shovel can dig the hole in one night and all will be well. The hole must be dug by that next evening. You have others to help dig, but your shovel is the strongest and largest and the others may not dig correctly or fast enough. Then imagine that without warning your shovel breaks. You cannot get another shovel because the shovel store is closed for two weeks, but you can't wait that long. Imagine the despair. So, you do what you can without the shovel, and must take the next day off in order to try and repair your own shovel. You leave instructions with others to dig, but are resigned to the fact that it probably won't be dug correctly. Then, to your surprise, you arrive at the dig site the next day and the hole is dug. Everyone who you underestimated pulled together and the hole was completed in less time than you could have dug the hole yourself.

Well, this "hole" might have brought me to tears had I had time to cry. There were still small tunnels to dig and lights to hang, but the vast hole that was the greatest burden, was complete.

Romeo and Juliet performed to decent crowd this last weekend. The kids were great. Not everything was perfect, but pretty dang good considering all that was standing in the way. I was immensely greatful to the students and their hard work, and I hope they know that. This has been a wonderful experience.


Emergency rooms are strange. When you arrive there you feel like everyone else has been there so much longer than you have. And they probably have. But, when I walked into the ER last Tuesday night I was limping pretty bad and yet I felt like everyone else felt right at home, while I felt like a stranger. Going to the ER is one of those things that seems completely odd and foreign when you actually have to do it, and yet, everyone has to do it at some point. You feel special and unique and yet, no one else cares because their buddy or sister or teacher or kid had to go just last week.

That's not entirely true. Lots of people keep asking how I'm doing and showed genuine concern. Thanks to all of you. Romeo and Juliet is over and so I might actually get to rest the foot for a while and let it heal.

Tonight was a good night on TV.

"Last week at the table read I got a laugh when I asked for the butter. At the rehearsal I didn't get a laugh when I asked for the butter...Why didn't I get a laugh at the rehearsal."

"Because you asked for a laugh."

"Why did I get a laugh at the table read."

"Because you asked for the butter."

That's pretty awsome.


Astros are at .500. I have a theory: The worse the Astros are in the regular season and later they wait to make a comeback to make the playoffs, the better they will be in the postseason. Based on this reasoning the Astros will not only win the World Series this year, but will win the Superbowl, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, Gold Medal in Curling, and the Miss Universe Pageant. Look out Neptune Zorbdleblort Champs from the city-state Prarnon in the providence of Junikeri 6. Astros are coming for you next!


This actually applies to both Democrats and Republicans. I love politicians so much more when they have nothing to lose. I certainly believe that there is a time and a place to become worked up. I imagine Clinton's critics will say he was "out of control," or "on a tirade." I personally thought that he was pretty calm, given his obvious anger at the question. Should he have been so angry? I imagine that I might be too. Did he handle it as well as he should have? Probably not. But, I love that he called Fox out for their clear right wing agenda. Watch it:


Anonymous said...

I saw the show with the junior high crowd....it looked good.

I would vote for Clinton today.


Dan Carlson said...

Nice Studio 60 plug, man. I like the show, too.

Clinton's way too smart for his outburst on Fox to have been unintentional. He and other members of his administration have been dealing with a lot of accusations recently in the wake of ABC's 9/11 movie, so Clinton knew he'd get the question about bin Laden going into the interview. Instead of just letting the ball go by, he took a great big swing and knocked it out of the park.

I wish the biggest problem we had was our president's moral lapses and regrettably public infidelities. Bush is ruining the Army, wrecking national morale, and guiding us down a pretty bad road.

ryan said...

wow, it makes me feel bad for Clinton having to deal with people that I thought were my people for a long time