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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Baby Girl!

With the passing of an admired entertainer comes the realization of the cycle of life. God giveth and he taketh away, for sure, but today He hath giveth much. Today, my brother Jason's wife, Kari gave birth to their second child, Regan Karina Martin. I'm sure what everyone wants to know is health, size, etc. But that's all pretence when what is really on my mind is this cycle thing. Not that I was a close friend of Hedberg's, I met him once, told him I liked his set and went about my jolly way. I expect and hope to form a relationship with the new niece. But, Hedberg's death had got me thinking recently about mortality and death, especially since he was only 37. (By the way, it was his heart, not drugs. He had had a condition since was born. I'm sure drugs didn't help.) And now only a couple of days after I find out about his death I find out that I have a new relative. Someone just popped up right out of thin air and joined the human race. Just like that. Some die, some are born. Some move onto the elevator as others move off. I guess that life is more like an escalator. I'm not sure why. Maybe because on an elevator you stand and wait to get off, but on an escalator you have the option of speeding forward, or standing still and just letting life...I mean the space, the rail, time, or whatever pass by. Also, look at the root words. An elevator elevates, while an escalator escalates. If we are still using the same analogy, this would suggest that the escalator kills you off quicker while the elevator allows you to reach new heights of success.

I don't think it's a perfect analogy, but nonetheless baby Regan is just stepping on, and I can't wait to meet her. It is so strange to say her. Since Aidan was born it was almost just an extension of Jason to me. A wonderful new extension, but still, he almost seemed like a new brother. I knew how to deal with brothers. I have two of them. But I can't really think of Regan as a sister because I don't have any reference for how to have a sister. And it isn't like having a sister-in-law, either, because I've got those and it's different. I love them, but we are related by marriage. Regan and I are blood. So this new baby girl thing is a completely new experience. And I love new experiences. I was telling Jason that this new baby is just as exciting as the first. I was afraid that there would be less hoopla and the second born would feel left out.

"Why aren't there as many pictures of me as a baby, dad/mom?"

"Well, sweetie, you were the second and you just don't take as many pictures on the second trip to the Grand Canyon, do you?"

Well, Regan, I was the second, too, but I'm not gonna let it happen this time. No sir! I've already started my computer file marked "ReganPics" and you will be lauded over just as much, I promise. Power to the second borns, my sister! ...Uh...niece.


ML said...

Hey Kyle,
Pictures in our family came in whatever mode your father was printing in the day. I mean, Jason was the 110 cartridge camera, you were the black and white prints that Kim would develop. Also he worked for a photo lab and a lot of your pictures are on large printsheets that hold a roll of film. We had all good intentions of printing them out. We were going to save money that way. But you are welcome to see them anytime...just give me notice so I can hunt for them.

We love you.

hkmart3 said...

This experience takes me straight back to the time 44 years ago when I DID get a new sister. It was a totally new and exciting experience. I still remember coming home after Mom had returned from the hospital, and there in the bed with her was my new sister. The thing I remember about Ferryn was that from the very first, it seems, she was smiling. And she hasn't stopped smiling. We were at the ball game with her and Steve tonight. It's still great having a sister, and I hope Regan is as happy and fun to be around as Ferryn. I also hope Aidan treasures and enjoys his sister as much as I did mine.

Jason said...

I think simply by virtue of being a girl in a male-dominated family she will be lauded over. I want to do everything I did with Aidan, but I honestly can't remember what I did. The last two years have really clouded my expectations. I had to go back and reread What to Expect the First Year to remember that it will be a little while before she can even hold her head up.

One thing I am sure of, though, is that Aidan will (and already does) cherish Regan. He loves her, comforts her, and will soon enjoy playing with her. Sure, they'll have their fair share of fights, but I can already see the bond developing between them.