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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


So the world is still reeling over many, many things. For instance: The Pope's death. Apparently, Mitch's death didn't make the headlines. By the way, if my spelling sucks it's because the spell check on this thing doesn't work right, and I can't spell. I personally don't think it's all that important anyway. I maen, you can raed tihs aynawy. It deons't mtetar how you slpel as lnog as the frsit and lsat leterts are ccoerrt. I learned that from one of those stupid forwards. I love stupid forward.

Mostly the world is still reeling over the brith of my niece, Regan. I'm really looking forward to meeting her. Of course, I will get bored because of my short attention span and go wrestle with Aidan. That's what uncles are for. Then when Regan is old enough she'll try to join in because she wants to be like big bwudor, but she'll get hurt because she's a danty girl. Unless she's a tough chick and then she'll be able to beat us both up. I'm thinking the second.

Speaking of short attention spans, one of my students told me yesterday that no one (meaning teenagers) have imaginations. I told him that I thought that was sad, and that he had to be imaginative in order to succeed in life. He said, "It's not sad. It doesn't matter." I let him believe this because I don't particularly like this kid anyway. But it did make me sad. But, what makes me feel better is that it's not true. So many of my students are very creative. Sometimes a kid will do something that makes me laugh or think or get angry because they've done something creative. Something creatively funny, or profound, or some very creative thing to piss me off. Imagination with this one kid is pointless and stupid. This kid makes me so angry, I think mainly because he's so smart and so imaginative and he doesn't even realize it or care. I wonder how many teachers thought that about me. Don't answer that. I'd be disappointed to know the answer I'm afraid.

I submitted a play to the Scriptwriters/Houston 10x10 playwrighting contest. I don't think that it will win, simply because there are many good writers in the organization who've been doing it much longer than I. Plus, it's a slice of life piece with very little narrative arch. I suppose that if they have the right judges they might like it, or the wrong one might think it's amatuerish. Surely, among all the older people who submitted plays mine will stick out like a sore thumb. It's about a young married couple fighting over the most mundane thing and then making up and then repeating this about twice before the play is over.

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