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Friday, April 22, 2005

Christian T-shirts

I would like to invite everyone to check out Dan Carlson's Blog He's a really good writer, funny and usually bitter about something. This week it's right wing Christian t-shirts. Now if you read my blog and are right wing yourself, please, if you have a brain, take a look at some of these and don't tell me that some of these aren't just plain wrong. This one actually offended me, and that's hard to do.

Also, check out the testemonials of people who have bought shirts. I expected, "I wore my "You're going to Hell" t-shirt to the mall yesterday and had to perform three baptisms in the food court because so many people were convinced." But not one person mentioned the t-shirt doing any good except making them feel superior to everyone else. I'm sure that the more touchy ones aren't their best sellers. I, of course, don't have a problem with someone wearing a "Jesus loves me" t-shirt, or something like that. But come on! This will really get the converts converting.


Nathan Bruhn said...

You're right. This t-shirt company is obviously more interested in sensationalism than mission work. These guys are not what I would label as conservatives.

These guys are zealots using the cloak of a ultra-right wing agenda to try to pass themselves off as compassionate christian conservatives. They are not conservative.

I am conservative, yes, but they are way off. But, what cracks me up is that there is no fence that anyone rides on. I find the term compassionate liberal hilarious. It just doesn't fit closely with the prescribed group-think of most liberals.

So by basis of this discussion who really holds the market on christian values? Is it the conservatives....and yes, unfurtunately sometimes the infintessmal proportion of fanatical goofball holyroller zealots (they are in every religion, by the way)who claim they carry the conservative agenda or is it the liberal left who are disportionately hell-bent (sarcasm) on furthering a secular America with no said reference to God or anything because "it might hurt somebody's feelings," with the small population of liberals who, like yourself, really seem to care that God exists?

I'm kind of lost on this one. I think you are correct, but you seem to be shooting from the wrong side of the fence. (Dem vs Rep)

I agree. The last shirt is pretty bunk.

On another note, however:

Question to all Democrats and Liberitarians: Since when has the liberal left felt compelled to thrust themselves into a moral quandry about religion? It seems to me the left is much more comfortable pandering to the hysterically secular. (see Hillary "Rodham" Rodham, and John "Did I mention I was in Vietnam?" Kerry) Maybe I'm wrong, but that's what I seem to see on the liberal agenda.

Not saying that these kooks who claim to be consrvative christians are even the slightest bit right, but I seem to hear a lot of talk of how the "Left" seems to have the high road on this issue of religion and expression of religion.

I have been following this discussion on Dan's site and that's just kind of what I saw out of that. That by no means that you are anyone else is on the wrong side of the issue - but like I said before, it just seems funny coming from a liberal perspective.

Alright. Enough from me. Just a thought from the "other side"

P.S. Those t-shirts really do suck. And on top of that, it's a cheap design.

Kyle said...

Nathan, I don't think that Dems take the moral high road when it comes to religion, I just think that we realize that moral high road is subjective and that the government shouldn't be able to tell anyone what that high road is.

I'm not really sure what you're talking about other than this. You weren't very clear in your flow, bro. It seems as though you are saying that I'm talking about Christianity, but I'm a Democrat and that doesn't make sense. Which would tell me that you've bought into the myth that Dems can't be Christian. Well, I would take great issue with that and would invite you to think more on it. In fact, visit the Sojourner's website. It is a left wing Christian magazine, and though you won't agree with a lot of what they say, it at least lets you know that there are many more of us out there.

Nathan Bruhn said...

I guess to be more clear -

After reading all of the posts on your friend's blog and then reading yours, I found it somewhat funny that it was implied that the fanatical "kill everyone who doesn't say they love Jesus" crowd is looked as a true representation of what the conservative platform is all about. Because it is not. Just the same as it is not all of the very liberal left are bent on pushing a secular agenda. Obviously, in your case, as I mentioned earlier.

To me it was just a working illustration of how opposite political viewpoints offer stereotypical profiles for each side.

Point is this - The Dave Mathews Band shirt is a lot nicer to look at than a "The Jews Crucified My Savior For My Sins" shirt. :)

Dan Carlson said...

I wasn't implying that the psychos who run the t-shirt web site are typical conservatives. I meant that they're nuts, and their actions are poison to the church.

I do happen to disagree with most of my conservative peers, who seem to have picked abortion and gay marriage as the two and only two issues about which Christians should concern themselves, whereas I'm more the kind of guy who wants to see diseases stopped and hungry people fed than sweat whether Brad and Lance getting married is going to mess up my neighborhood.

But I think it's clear that wasn't the point of my post about the t-shirts.

P.S. Ann Coulter works for Satan.

Jason said...

"Jesus said, 'If you were blind, you would not be guilty of sin; but now that you claim you can see, your guilt remains.'"

John 9:41