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Monday, April 18, 2005

Postin' the Mostin'

I have about two months here and there when I obsess over something. I don't have an adictive personality, so I've never really been one to commit to any one vice for the long haul, but I will obsess over one or two things for a period. About a month ago I would spend hours on my computer working on Garage Band this cool software for recording music. My wife literally would drag me to bed. I'm talking about staying up till 4 or 5 in the morning when I've got to be at work the next morning at 7. Then I tell myself I won't do it again, but then I do. Well, I'm over that. I still mess with Garage Band, but in responsible amounts.

Now I am getting a little obsessed with blogging. Yes, this thing that I am doing right now. And you say, "but Kyle, you don't even write that much. What are talking about?"

The reasons why I don't I don't write on my blog more often are these:

1. I feel like I need to have something profound to say in order to post everyday. While, if I don't have anything particularly interesting to say one day, I may post anyway because it's been a few days, I feel that to post everyday would be obnoxious and overlooked by all who don't check everyday

2. Other people don't post everyday and so I would feel like a loser if I'm the only one. I go to other's sites and make comments or prepare myself for what witty nugget will be served up and nothing... For a few days at least, which when you check a couple times a day seems like a really long time.

I just hounded my friend Nathan into updating his blog (where he has boosted my ego quite a bit, I might say. Thanks, Nathan. We love you, too, even though you trashed my blog with Anne Coulter funk.) and my friend Ryan English just got married but has been blogging from the Jolly Old. But he hasn't written since he got back! What the crap?

Like I said I'm obsessing a little. But, it's okay, I'll be done with it soon, then it will be a struggle just to get the post in. I'm hoping not, but the past proves different. That's why I like theatre. A couple months here, a couple months there. The set is torn down at the end. No commitment past closing night. It's great. Amanda and I have been considering moving to a different place this year. It's already the only place I've lived consistantly for two years since I was in high school. If I stay in his apartment another year then I'll have been here three years by the next time the lease is out. Scary.

5 Good things about the non-addictive personality:

1. Not interested in smoking, drugs, alcoholism
2. Flexible. Change is good
3. Keeps me on my toes.
4. Variety is the spice of life.
5. If you don't like something that I'm doing, I probably won't be doing for much longer.

5 Bad things about the non-addictive personality:

1. Don't like routine
2. Can't find socks, or damn near anything.
3. Unpredictable. People say you're a "loose canon."
4. It hurts to say goodbye. (for them, not me.)
5. The "just get over it" mentality is insensitive and callous. But really, I just don't understand pansy 12 step wusses.


Nathan Bruhn said...

Dude? What happened to your template?

Nathan Bruhn said...

Much better than about 5 minutes ago. Ha Ha.

Dan Carlson said...

there's nothing wrong with being obsessive
there's nothing wrong with being obsessive
there's nothing wrong with being obsessive
there's nothing wrong with being obsessive
there's nothing wrong with being obsessive