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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Arizona Rising to the Occasion

Hoorah! Caloo-calay, I've done it! I've finished that play I was working on. The play is tentatively title Arizona Rose, but I hate that name. But that's not really important. The important thing is that this is my first full length play, that is a play more than one hour in length. This is a huge weight off my sholders as I've been trying to finish this play for a long time now. I say "finished," a play is never finished until it's up on the stage. And even then it can be altered. But, I've gotten the play to a place where I am generally happy with the plot and the flow of the primary story. Most of all I think it is the best ending to a play that I've ever written without becoming crazy or outlandish.

I really want to have a party and have people over to read through the play. This is so that I can get an idea of how it reads, and most of all, see if other people like it. The last version of this play had a reading of this kind, and I got some great feedback that I used, and I believe made the play a lot better. Also, the comments that were made here by all of you were very helpful and I think that I was able to accomplish what I wanted based on the comments here.

I will be emailing people I want to play what parts, but if there's anyone here in the Baytown/Houston area who would like to read with us, let me know. I want to make a whole night of it. The cast list here at the end of the post.


Nathan Bruhn said...

Good job, man. I know you have been working on that one for a while. Let me know how I can help.

Jason said...

All right! Congratulations!! I'm glad you were able to get it done. Now the real fun begins: readings, stagings, re-writes, and a full production. I would LOVE to be involved in a reading. Any chance you'll be doing it in South Lansing?

I see myself as Mervin. Of course, I'm not in my forties, but I can play mid-to-late-thirties in a pinch. Okay. How about this, I could do the role via phone or videoconferencing.

(Can you tell that I'm desperate to get back on stage -- or do anything theatrical -- after a 5 1/2 year absence?)

ML said...

I want to read. I love to read because I don't have to memorize anything and I like it. I can read the mother. Besides I like parties and I can bring something. Just let me know when.

Oh and I love Pumpkin on your blog header. That's really cute.

Have a great day tomorrow. Da,da,da,dummmmm!!!

Hey, I teach little kids, I'm excited.

tine said...

i wish i lived in houston so i could read...it has been awhile for me too and i am really wanting to get back onstage...too bad you aren't in fort worth anymore...good luck on your first day of school...i actually will not be teaching this year...need one more year with my baby...so i really wish i was in houston and could read since i will still have alot of time on my hands!can you believe all this stuff with AIDA...poor adam...what's your take on it from a directing standpoint?

Maegan said...

Congratulations!! That's really great. I'd like to read it when you get a chance to e-mail it around.

greggorant said...

congratulations, bull. that is really realy cool.

Chad said...

Congrats! Thanks for emailing it to me. I look forward to reading it. Deana will, too.

steve said...

God Bless!

If you get a chance could you please say a prayer for a little girl named "Rebekah" who has cancer. God knows who you will be praying about! Thank you so much!

Trying to rally some good Christian Prayer for her and her family!