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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A Filler Post

I'm going to post an article soon about the documentary Inside 9/11 that appeared on the National Geographic Channel earlier this week. I watched it and it had a profound effect on me, but I want to gather my thoughts a little more before I delve too much into it. Plus, it's late and I need to get to bed. I'm not sleeping as well lately because of a few things. Number one I think is that the recent weight gain (I think I'm heavier than even last year when I went on Weight Watchers, which is coming soon) is causing me to snore louder and more violently than ever. I'm told that I've always been a snorer, which some have said will not allow you quality sleep. But now I wake up every morning, practically, with my throat sore at the back from snorring. I can even feel my throat closing up at night as I start to fall asleep.

I'm also comming down with a little cold, probably from being back at school with all the kids and germs, and that is hindering my sleep even more. I'm really bad about taking medicine. For some reason it never occurs to me to take something for what ails me. Usually, I just ignore it until it goes away. Sometimes it will become more of a problem that I can't ignore it, at which point I take care of the problem. I'm just glad I'm not the one having to be responsible to remember the birth control.

So anyway, more to come later. I've been too tired to post much lately. Plus, yesterday I wrote a long comment on my friend Marcus's blog. I figured that counts as one. My comment is a response to his post that was a comment to my Rush letter.


Jason said...

I hope you get to feeling better. I don't remember you snoring when we were kids, but that was 10+ years ago that we lived together, so things could have changed.

By the way, you ARE responsible for the birth control. [WARNING: soapbox rant coming] Where is it written that birth control is ONLY the woman's responsibility? Of course this is much more of an issue for the unmarried population, but it's still an issue that all men should feel responsible for. It is only because women, much moreso than men, feel the physical and other effects of an unplanned pregnancy that they are given the responsibility of birth control. Men don't really have much to lose if a woman gets pregnant, but they do have a social responsibility and a responsibility to the woman that they are with to be an active participant in the birth control process. If Amanda has alleviated you of that responsibility, good for her, but know that ultimately, you are still just as responsible as she is.

[NOTE: I know I'm artificially contriving the setting for this soapbox. I know most doesn't apply to you, but I feel like ranting about social responsibility and you threw one right into my wheelhouse. Thanks for giving me that setting.]

Kyle said...

Kyle said...
Aahh...yeah, man no sweat. Mi blog, es su soapbox. All I meant was that the pill didn't have to go down my throat. I'm not an expert but I don't think it would work if I took the pill. Should I try? And I don't have to remember to tell Amanda because she's pretty good at it herself. I've picked it up from the pharmacy before, and pay for it, but I'm not really sure if that constitutes being "responsible for the BC." But, hey, you had something to say, I understand. I'll let Amanda know you've got her back.

Ryan used to say that I snored every now and then. Not bad, though. It's only gotten bad in the last six months or so.

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marcus said...

i'm not getting much sleep either. i seem to sit down at my computer at about midnight and start reading blogs and writing comments. it's kind of addictive.
thanks again for the thoughts. and for putting me on your blog list. sweet!