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Monday, August 29, 2005

No Baby

Okay, my mother-in-law is really angry with me. No, we aren't having a baby. I realize that it was a cruel trick to use our future (way future) child as a publicity tool. I promise that if you are related to me you will hear it from us first hand before you read it on my blog.

I want to give my friend Brock props for giving me the idea. His latest post is about how people are always pressuring newlyweds to have a baby. He and his wife have only been married for six months and he's already getting it. Maybe it's because he's a youth minister, people expect him to be fertile.

That initial questioning has died down, so now we are in a place where people generally expect that we know what we are doing when it comes to the baby thing. I imagine that if we aren't pregnant in the next five years people will start to question again.

Again, Kathy, I'm sorry to have given you a heart attack. I hope that you know you would be the first person we call. And we aren't trying so you'd know about that, as well.

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Nellie said...

Speaking as a mother-in-law, I agree it was a relatively cruel idea. We do get excited at the prospect of babies, Kyle.

Congratulations on completing all of your course work! Get that certificate. I know, I know, having to pay to get it after all of the hard work is the pits. (I personally don't use that "s" word that most would use here.)

Keep on posting. I read it all whether I comment or not. :-)