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Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'm Not All Politics and Liberal Bias

I've gotten word that some people are gettin annoyed with my political and serious postings. In an effort to not lose readers to the Great Blogs of Fire Boycott, I will try to be less controversial for a while.

So here is one that is purely celebratory and not so much like a sermon or testamonial. I'm really excited because I've gotten my teacher certification classes completely finished and I am now eligable to apply for full certification. That is once I've paid the State Board of Education Certification $77. So, there will be no more school for me for a while. That is until I decide to get my master's degree, which I intend to do. I never liked school that much, and yet I keep going back. Maybe growing up is just too hard.

The Astros are making me cry. Roger Clemens is amazing, but the bats have slowed down so much it's starting to look like April and May again. It's very depressing. I don't think, however, that I will be able to really care about football or the Texans until baseball season is over. Even then I might not really care. I used to love football when the Oilers were going to the playoffs every year. Even though they couldn't make it to the Super Bowl, I was a fan of Moon, Drew Hill, Jeffires, Ray Childress and the rest of the "run-and-shoot" gang. It was a magical time. Since then football has not really been much of an interest to me. I'd like to change that. Maybe some tickets to a game would help. Unfortunately, the only tickets I could buy would cost over $150, and not even all games had those available. Amanda really wants to go to a Rockets game this year, so that will be something to really try and do. It shouldn't be too difficult. I've been to the Toyota Center once and it was a really nice place. Our tickets were great and only $20. Not too shabby.

Here is something to keep you coming back. Are Amanda and I or are we not expecting a baby? What do you think? I will post again in no less than three days with the answer.


ML said...

yeah, just why did you put that little tag on the end of your blog. For readers? you are a bad little boy, Kyle. You know that.
I better hear about this from you first before I read it or Cathy has to call me.
Oh I don't think you're too polictical...just too serious sometimes and besides, I don't usually read what I don't understand. So it doesn't bother me. I figure that your brother likes it.
But I must admit I like the humorous blogs the best.

Nathan Bruhn said...

"'ve gotten word that some people (Translation: aka the Brick-headed, Petroleum first, trees second, W lovin', SUV drivin', state constitutional amendment defining marriage as what it is - votin' conservatives like Nathan over there) are gettin annoyed with my political and serious postings. "

That is too hilarious!!!! Honestly, there has been no boycott. You must have started going off on a political bent right about the time I was switching jobs from parts to sales at my work. My computer has also been on the crappy end as of late, so when I log in to check my email at work, that is about the extent of it. I have longed to write on my blog for months but I just haven't had the time to play.

That was a pretty smooth little slam there buddy. Touche' or something. Ha.

Good luck with Grease. I hope I get a chance to see it in January.