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Friday, January 13, 2006


Look at all the places I've seen! This is pretty cool. I included Utah and Colorado, although techically I've only been in their airports, so I don't know if that really counts. I think if I were to do something illeagal and it was the L.A. Police that did the arresting then that constitutes having been to that state. Anyway, here's my map.

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Deana Nall said...

Well, I HAVE been to Alaska! So HA!

ML said...

You've been to Colorado. Don't you remember that you learned to ski in Crested Butte? It was when you were little, but you went. Did you miss those time we went skiing with the church group?
Even so, you HAVE been to Colorado.

Jason said...

Building on what mom wrote, didn't you go to Estes Park? I didn't go on that trip, but I'm pretty sure you did.

Jason said...

I've been to 33 states. I'm just missing Maine, NH, Vermont, and Delaware in the East, and everything but Washington and Hawaii in the West. Although, if a job application goes through, I might be going to Portland, OR ofr a job interview.

Kyle said...

I already emailed mom, but am I somehow mistaken about where Colorado is. I realize I have been to Colorado many times, and as I recall it is the state that I have highlighted in red right above New Mexico and to the left of Oklahoma and Kansas.

Am I wrong about this?

Kyle said...

okay, I just re read my paragragh above my picture and I see why y'all thought I didn't know I'd been to Colorado. I've only been in the L.A. airport. I meant to say California, not Colorado.