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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Play Reading

I want to have another reading of my Play Arizona Rose. Click here to read a synopsis of the Play. The synopsis isn't completely correct because I've made major rewrites, but it's basically the same idea.

I will need people to read for these parts:

Sandra Pendrum: 40s housewife
Mervin Pendrum: 40s dad
Suzanne Pendrum: College freshman, female
Ethan: 12, male
Kelly: College Freshman, male
Jeremy: College Senior, male
Scott: late teens, Susanne's boyfriend
Diane: Late 30s Supermom

Clay and Julia Ratcliff/Becker have offered their house to the play reading party. Now, they live out in Far, Far Away Land (i.e. Cy-Fair) but they do make the trip out here to grace us with their presence on more than plenty of occasions. So, surely we can go visit them in their home, even if it is on Pluto!

I don't have an exact date yet. It would highly depend on when everyone was available. I would like to do this before Sordid Lives starts, because after that we would most likely never have a chance to do this.

Reply here or email me if you are interested in reading with us. Last time we did this it took awhile because we didn't have enough people to read all of the characters and so who was reading who got confusing. It's a 2 hour play, but should probably be read in less time.


Wendy said...

I'm game ... assuming it's at a time I can make. I can't speak for Dwayne, but I bet he'd enjoy it too. Let us know when.

Maegan said...

I'd be happy to read Suzanne if you don't find someone older. Let me know.

Amy said...

You're a funny guy (tomato, tomahto).

Wish I could listen to the reading!