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Monday, January 30, 2006

Kiss Hank's Ass

Wendy Bailey gets the credit for diirecting me to this interesting and funny little video.

Let me warn you, as she did, that it will offend some people who get offended easily. I'm not one of these people, in fact, I thought it was hilarious. But, if you think you are offended easily, don't watch it. I'd love to discuss what everyone thinks the makers were trying to say. It seems pretty clear at first until the very end.

This comes to mind after seeing the end, doesn't it. I guess that's the point.


Jason said...


Thank you!!

I don't know why so many Christians don't get that. They use circular logic, ridicule, and "statements of faith", which may work if you are already a believer, but completely turn non-believers off.

On an unrelated matter, I found that you can download the film for your ipod on Google Video. I'm starting to acquire quite the short film collection. :-) Have you noticed that Homestar Runner now has iPod-formatted downloads?

tine said...

wow, that was awesome...hilarious, and so so sad and true...where did you get that from (besides wendy bailey)?

it is so true that we talk ourselves in circles, we make no sense to people-claiming to follow a loving God, but refusing to give that love to all people ourselves, and of course my personal favorite, illustrated so well,taking scripture completely out of context and using them to fulfill our own purposes and agendas...

i wasn't sure about the ending either...man, we have theatre degrees, we should be able to do this metaphor thing!

Jamal Qutub said...

Glad ya liked the video!

The credits below link to the original (we modified it a lil). As for the ending, we thought it'd be funny if the guy who answered the door was actually Hank (hint: Hank's Desktop). What if god was one of us? Just a wacko on the bus? Blah Blah Blah... ;)

Credits go to: The Original Story and Star Can't Dead the sketch/improv group that made it. Music from the Reservior Dogs Soundtrack.

Ciao for now.