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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Website Down

If you try and click the link on the side of the page that says "My Professional Website" you will get nothing. Well, not nothing. You'll get a really wierd page with nothing of interest. I was growing more frustrated with my website as it fell farther and farther behind anything that I would consider useful and was unaware of anyone even looking at it. Ever. Then I realized that all of the photos that I had uploaded were eating up my disk space and my email was filling way too fast. So, if my website was the most interesting thing of your day then, first, I apologize. Second, get out of your house and make some friends, buy a book, something. You're pathetic.

I plan to have a much more scaled down version of the site up at some point, but I want to learn how to create a real one first. Even then it will only have a few things instead of EVERYTHING that I've ever done.

UPDATE: I created a spaceholding page that lets people know what I've done, Click here to see what it looks like.

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