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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sordid Lives Cast

Everyone who doesn't care about the cast of Sordid Lives and just came to read about politics start a controversial discussion of somekind, carry-on.

Thank you for all who auditioned. Casting a show is both exciting and nerve-racking, especially when you have so much talent to choose from. The cast for Sordid Lives will be as follows.

Bitsy Mae Harling Emily Griffin

Ty Williamson Neal Gage

Sissy Hickey Cathy McMillan (not Millican as previously noted.)

Noleta Nethercott Wendy Bailey

Latrelle Williamson Dawn Daily

LaVonda Dupree Maggie Eubanks

G. W. Nethercott Kim Martin

Wardell "Bubba" Owens Les Craig

Odell Owens John Eubanks

Dr. Eve Bolinger Any Miller-Martin

Earl "Brother Boy" Ryan Martin

Rev. Barnes Dwayne Bailey

I'm excited about this show and about directing all of you. Our first readthrough will be Monday, February 20 at 7 pm at the theatre. For those who do not yet have a script and would like to pick it up before then please let me know. You can call me, email me or leave me a message here. I will make sure to leave a copy at the theatre box office for you.


Dave said...

You never even gaveme a chance! we could have webcast my performance on the stage! I demand a recount, or a redo, or something...


I'm going to do my own play. I think I'll call it ,"Dave Goes to Starbucks and Has a Macchaitto and a Scon"

Kyle said...

I think it's "scone" with an "e". That right there qualifies you for the lead.

Anonymous said...

I get excited every time a new cast is announced....just impagine the possibilities.....what fun!


Anonymous said...

I can't spell either....

ML said...

Good cast. Of course, I don't really know all of them. I'm looking forward to seeing the end results. I know your directing will be great.

voodooradio said...

What's your set building schedule looking like? I'd like to help if possible.

Kyle said...

Pretty much Saturdays, maybe Sundays. I won't be able to get up there during the week, so if someone can when it's needed that'd be great. Randy Daily is my TD and designer so we can all get together to work things out.