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Friday, February 10, 2006

Friday Night. Where Are You?

Tonight I'm carb loading. Potatos and cornbread. What do you think about that. Amanda is at a party tonight that I wasn't invited to because I am uncooth (uncuthe, uncouth, or perhaps unceauxth?)

Not really, it was a small little thing that turned big. I am not running a marathon in the morning if that's why you think I'm carb loading. It's simply because of the leftover pototo casserole and cornbread. The cornbread had actually turned disgusting, so it got tossed.

Thanks for thinking that I could run a marathon.

I should be watching the season (possibly series) finally of Arrested Developement tonight (can someone say the best show ever?) but I'm not. I didn't think it would be right given that Amanda and I just returned season 1 to Netflix and season 2 is in the mail. I didn't want to get thrown off. I'll wait until it, too, is available on DVD. After all, I've grown to hate commercials.


We are auditioning for Sordid Lives on Sunday and Monday (Feb 12, and 13) and we need you to embarass your self. Please come and audition for the comedy that Kyle Martin calls "the funniest play I've ever read." And many ladies have called, "a filthy peice of comic genious!" It's really a funny play, but it is rather racey if that kind of thing doesn't float well at your tea breakfasts. So I understand.

But, I'm looking forward to directing adults. should be fun.


dave said...

If I lived out there, I'd dipthong my way over to those auditions in a heartbeat (or would a tripthong make a better impression?).

Jason said...

I watched all 4 final episodes of AD Friday night, and it was great. There was no other way that this series could end (if it is really the end). I won't say more other than that the last line of the final episode alludes to the possibility that this really isn't the end of the Bluth saga. It certainly left the door open for "something else". That's all I'll say since you didn't see it.

I have to say that Fox totally screwed that show. I don't think they had a clue what they had.

I have all but the last 4 episodes on my iPod, and I watch them periodically. Incredible.

I hope the auditions went well!