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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


He continually derides himself as being "just a rock star" and never denies any of the connotations that are associated with that moniker. He doesn't see himself as any kind of important figure in history other than in the pop culture arena, but I think that history will prove differently. Bono's music never moved me the way it does many others from my generation, but I've always appreciated U2's integrity and sense of self-aware, non-importance. The Pop-Mart tour struck me as a brilliant way to satirize the uber-consumerism that surrounds a popular culture that included, to a large part, U2 themselves. Bono has always helped guide his band to lead the way in music of social justice, and while I'm only a mediocre fan of his music I am a huge fan of Bono's status as a figure for peace and justice.

February 2 Bono spoke to the President and other political types at the National Prayer Breakfast, and he continues to move me with the way he stands up to governments and challenges them to do more in the worldwide quest for international justice. Please do yourself a favor and watch the speech.

If you can't load the video for some reason you can read the transcript at Larry James Urban Daily blog.


priest said...

I named my cat after that guy. I want to be like him. He's my hero.

in the way of cats, i love the pic of Bonkers up there.

Deana Nall said...

I. Love. That. Man.

jocelyn said...

I read his speech a couple of days ago. Afterward, all I could say is, "Wow, that man is a poet." I can't believe the cajones he has--to say that stuff to the President. That takes courage, clout, and perhaps a little self-absorbtion or stupidity. Whatever it takes, I'm glad Bono has it and is willing to use it for the sake of social justice.