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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Don't Give Up

It's becoming more and more difficult to post meaningful things here. I have surcome to MySpace which is the lazyman's blog. When I might feel guilty or trite posting a survey or "tag" on this space, it feels natural and totally acceptable over there. It is so much easier, not to mention more widespread. If you doubt it. Go look at my friend list. I'm even friends with famous people like Todd Barry and The Flaming Lips.

But, I looked back on my first entry here, back on March 11, 2005. Almost a year and I've never given it up. I never thought that I would stick to something like this. I guess I'm kind of proud of myself. MySpace is like the cool new kid with the pool in the neighborhood and Great Blogs of Fire is more like the old lady across the street who makes me tamales. I may forget to go over to Mrs. Juarez's house sometimes, but I know that there is more substance in my visits there.

I really want to write you about Searching for Eden the play Amanda and I saw at Stages Repertory Theatre on Sunday. And I will. But, not today.


Jason said...

Watch out, though. I think someone peed in the cool new kid's pool... and I think it was the cool new kid. And he's just so annoying and needy. "Will you be my friend?" You know the only reason you're even hanging out with him is because he has a pool. You don't even like him.


ML said...

Okay, I went to your "My Space" and I think it must be a type of chat room. Right? But I like to read your blogs. It maybe the old lady, but could you say it is more like reading the book as opposed to listening to the book on tape.? Old ladys are not bad, they are wiser and the slower pace gives time to think.
yeah, don't quit the blog.