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Sunday, February 12, 2006

My New Space

Well, I've discovered MySpace. While I'm not abondoning the blog here I am certainly intrigued by the MySpace phenomenom. When I first started blogging here (almost a year!) I was reaquainted with many of you who I hadn't seen in a while. MySpace has done that also, but at super-sonic speeds. It's much more frivolous than blogger, I'll admit. Not as much discussion and more just friends keeping in touch and networking. It's kind of fun even if it's trendy.

Here's something I found on MySpace, which appeals a great deal to me since Wes Anderson just happens to be my favorite director. Enjoy.

UPDATE:Simply changing my favorite color to blue makes me Max Fischer.

Which Wes ANDERSON character are you? by life_as_a_decoy
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ML said...

Hey, I came out a lot younger! I'm Quinath (sp) Paltrow. I don't know why or how, but there you have it. Another meaningless quiz and I'm still ME. No chance, no better or worse, just me.

Thanks, Son.

Kyle said...

It's Gwyneth and she played Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums I'm guessing you have a prosthetic index finger?

ML said...

Well i visited "My Space". I think that you have truly outgrown me. I heard music on your site that I didn't ask for. I'm not saying that I minded it, I just wasn't expecting it. Oh and Patrick seriously has got to get a grip. I'm glad you're having fun messaging your friends, but I won't be joining you there. I hope that you won't quit this blog though because it is more my speed.

Jason said...

I'm Steve Zissou.

And I probably won't be following you to MySpace anytime soon. It's a bit too overwhelming over there. Not my speed either.

Chad said...

The MySpace phenomenon has been quite interesting to follow. Tom is now a multimillionaire. The site is something like the 5th most visited site daily. It beats yahoo, aol and others. The founder sold it for somthing like $250 million.