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Friday, February 03, 2006

"Make You Happy Tonight"

Amanda's Birthday was yesterday. No, I didn't forget, she got cake and presents and such. But, I did want to honor her right here in some way and thought today would still be okay since we're celebrating tonight by going to dinner and a Rocket's game.

I just wanted to thank you Amanda for putting up with me, a big duffus, and loving me anyway. How big a duffus you say? Watch the video. It speaks worlds.


Jason said...

Oh yes, Kari can sympathize, although it's usually my work or iPod that cause the delays instead of video games.

ML said...

That was so fine! How funny! But the real question that I have is...how the heck do you put stuff like that on your blog? I have a much better computer now and I should be able to do stuff. I need some lessons.
Ha. :-)
Yes, well you know..I never minded the games...of course you father can't play them...and I'm a spaz...put I find them incredible.

Oh, and I just saw "the incredibles" it was great!

Hang loose.

sarahdawn said...

That was hilarious!! And it made me thankful that my husband allowed me to give away both of our outdated gaming systems about a year ago. We gave them to another famiy who could not fathom why we didn't want to keep them for the kids.

Kyle said...

Our issue, like Jason, isn't so much video games (Amanda won't let me get one becaue she thinks that she'll spend too much time on it.) but for us it's the computer. If I'm not writing a blog or working on a play I might be downloading music or making music or about a thousand other things. If we had an Xbox, though, that could easily be me.

Anonymous said...

As the wife of an Xbox....I can relate. That was too funny!