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Friday, January 20, 2006

It's Not TV. It's Poop.

I'm convinced that advertising really does work. I'm convinced of it. I imagine that it works less whenever the viewer of the ad is aware that he/she is being effected, but nonetheless they are effected. However, I'm not necessarily effected the way the company was hoping to impact me. For instance: I've noticed that when I watch a Dr. Pepper commercial, I'm usually caught up in how awful the commercial is that I generally want to drink anything but a Dr. Pepper, or any soda for that matter, despite the fact that I love Dr. Pepper. But, there are sodas with better commercials, like Coca-Cola or Pepsi. It is my opinion that these company's ads far exceed that of Dr. Pepper's. So when I see a really well done Coke or Pepsi ad I get thirsty for a soda. But I don't like Pepsi or Coke so I usually go for a Dr. Pepper. So, with this logic it is better for the Dr. Pepper company if I see one of their competitor's commercials. My solution would be to make better commercials. But that's me. Also, in Texas everything that fizzes and isn't alcoholic is called Coke. Like if I said to Amanda, "Will you get me a coke" I actually want a Dr. Pepper. If I see a Coke commercial, I want a Dr. Pepper. Their advertising actually makes me want their competitor's product.

What Can Great Blogs Of Fire Do For You?

This site allows you to generate slogans. Go here only if you don't have anything else to do for a few hours. The universe seems a lot less random when you play with this thing, if you know what I mean. This is what gave me the title to this entry

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