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Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday Haiku Therapy

It's one of those days. Monday. Bad weather. Uninterested students. I'm not doing much better. I think it's time for some Haiku.

I woke up last night.
I thought it was the morning.
Thank you, Lord. More Sleep!

The weekend was nice.
No responsibilities.
Nothing real to do.

5th period next.
The large class full of freshmen.
Hour and a half.

It's advisory.
Not a big fan of it all.
Too much wasted time.

Need to eat my lunch.
Cafeteria's not bad.
Gives me the gas though.

Light on the phone blinks.
You think I have a message?
No, it is broken.

What's up with paper?
It is the digital age.
Stop sending me crap.

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