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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Baseball vs. American Idol

Last night the American Idol contestants spent 28 minutes standing or sitting on a stage in front of a few hundred people, TV cameras, pseudo celebrity judges, and through TV, a few million people. This thirty minute episode of American Idol makes these poor saps sit through several commercial breaks worth of Ryan "The Girl-Boy" Seacrest teasing with "This week the contestant going home will be....announced after the break." Ahhh! You fooled us! As if we really thought you were going to blow it in the first 10 minutes of the show when you so clearly have to fill another 20 minutes worth of stale, faux entertainment. Don't get me wrong. I get pulled into the whole thing as much as your average person. I watch the beginning of the season so that I can laugh at the idiots who think they can sing and then I pay attention at the end and make my predictions. But, this extra episode is so ridiculously pointless that the sheer inane nature of it makes it unwatchable for me. So, last night, as my wife is asking me to spend time with her, I say, "Amanda, I love you. I would love to spend all my time with you. Please come join me as I watch the Astros play the Cardinals in their first meeting since the NLCS last year." To which my lovely wife replies, "But I want to see who gets kicked off this week." See, here's the problem. To forgo an Astros game to watch some pointless thirty minutes of corporate shlock, existing soley to hauk whatever Ford model the American Idol contestants are climbing out of this week while singing some god-awful pop song would be detrimental to my sanity. I can't imagine a universe where this would be a reasonable move.

BTW, the Astros beat the Cards, 5-4. I actually enjoy watching Pujols crank long balls as long as it doesn't produce wins. It's very satisfying.


Jason said...

"American Idol" is one of the most pointless and mindnumbingly worthless pieces of electronic excrement ever to poison living rooms. I hate so-called reality TV as a whole, and "American Idol" is by far the worst, and that's saying a lot, considering trash like "Elimidate" and "Fear Factor".

I am so glad that Kari doesn't care about it, because I would rather literally throw our TVs away than have that filth touch my eyes or ears or those of my children.

I feel like I need to take a shower just thinking about it...

Jason said...

Oh yeah, and Berkman is going NUTS! I listened to the game last night, and aside from Lidge again making me nervous, I enjoyed every minute.

Kyle said...

Worse than Elimadate, The Bachelor, or The Simple Life? Really? Be fair, now. It's no where near as bad as these, in my opinion and that's only skimming the barrell. Do you even get VH1 or E!? Flavor Flav is single handedly decreasing the IQ of our nation's youth with his presence in the public sphere. "Idol" is not that bad, in comparison. The worse thing about it is it's dominance over the pocketbooks of the Fox Network who inexplicably underpublicizes shows like Arrested Development leading to it's demise.

Jason said...

Okay. maybe I went a bit too far. I never saw "The Simple Life", but and I guess "Idol" isn't as bad as Elimidate, but it's still pretty bad. I just don't get how some many people get into a glorified talent contest with fairly mediocre contestants, certainly not the next "superstar". Of all of the former contestants, isn't Kelly Clarkson the only one still enjoying any success? All of the others have largely disappeared or simply become irrelevant (IMO, because of their lackluster talents). Yet, the show is as popular as ever. Confounding.

No, I don't have VH1 or E! because I don't have cable TV. The longer I go without it, the less I miss it. We originally got rid of cable to save money, but I honestly don't think we'll be getting it again for a long time because there just is so little worth watching. The only thing I still miss are live baseball games.

Flava Flav is still around? Does he still where a clock and big sunglasses?

ML said...

I do not know any of the American idol people, i have never heard of Elimidate and cringe when I even cross Fear Facor while channel surfing, and what on earth is Flavor Flav???

Hey, but I was at the Astros game last night and i got to see Berkman hit his homerun. Yes, Lidge made us all a bit nervous. Good game. But the weather was muggy and the roof was open. The Houston Saunna.