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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Haikus 2:

I found out that in addition to this being Mother's Day weekend, yesterday (5/7) was also national haiku day. If you've been with us since the beginning here at Blog de Kyle you know my affinity for the haiku. So I thought it only appropriate that there be a second installment. And here we go...

Mothers are so great
That's why they get their own day
With flowers galore

Abilene is rad
It's where I went to college
My wife grew up here

Three weeks left of school
The kids are ready to go
I feel like a kid

I pay all my bills
I'm up at the crack of dawn
Responsible me

Paying attention
My mind drifts to other things
I've got A.D.D.

Last one...

Here at the in-laws
Haikus are thought to be wierd
I get made fun of

Happy Mother's day all you muthuz!


Chad said...

Deana knows in-laws
She has got to deal with mine
That's a tall order

Nathan Bruhn said...

"My Haiku is so high I should be in MENSA." - natedog

My haiku:

I've A Wee Haiku
My Haiku Is Bigger Now
OOOOOOOPS, I Just Farted!

The End.

ML said...

I had a great day
We had lots of food and drink
Now I want to sleep

How's that Mr. Haiku?

P.S.--I got the coolest shaker with drink recipes right on the outside. From your baby bro

Deana Nall said...

I think Chad mistyped
His inlaws are my parents
They are not so bad

Kyle said...

Haikus will stay now
I like everyone's entries
Monthly Haiku blogs