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Wednesday, May 11, 2005


I saw on the The Daily Show that blogging has become so widespread as a new means of communication and news that the major newsproviders such as CNN and MSNBC have begun doing segments where they read people's blogs and discuss what these random people have to say. Also the commentators themselves, such as Chris Matthewsand that Scarborough guy, have blogs that they keep regarding the news they are covering on TV. The Daily Show of course made fun of the fact that these news channels are running scared because the Blogouspere is a much more reliable and objective place to get real opinions and news on issues. They poked fun at the fact that the Matthews' and Scarborough's of the world are simply blogging the exact same point that they make on the air. If you don't watch John Stewart, he's not a big fan of the pundits and news spinners. He went on Crossfire and basically told Tucker Carlson that he was doing an injustice to American people by having a show like Crossfire.

As much as I enjoy these slams on the media, I took the segment as a time to re-evaluate my own blog. Often I have nothing to write about and therefore will go on about absolutely nothing or what's gone on that day. Things that aren't going to really make much difference to anyone else but me and maybe some people who know me. Should this blog be about more. When I first started the blog it was simply to write my thoughts on issues, and it didn't really matter to me whether anyone liked reading it or not. I thought that some would, and based on the number of hit that my blog gets, I'm guessing that some people do. Now that I've been at it for awhile I am more inclined however to write about important things that people will actually want to read whether they gave birth to me or not. (I appreciate the support, Mom.)

I had an idea a few weeks ago to make a few extra bucks. And I do mean few. I have a friend who worked for the local newspaper and he told me that they might like to have an arts column that reviewed arts in the area. There is currently no one who does that for this small paper. I thought that maybe about once a week I could get a column and write about the arts. I'll try to start doing that on my own here so that I can have something to actually write about instead of just blabbing on about silliness.


Nathan Bruhn said...

I don't know man. There's something to be said about useless and non-sensical ramblings.

I know that on my blog I have no purpose, so that in itself seems to be the purpose. Sometimes I have to just write out the stupidly funny things that come to my head. Usually though, I end up noticing that what I read after I wrote it is only clever to me. DOH!!

Well, I guess I would have to contemplate my material too if I actually had a reading audience, but seeing as you are the only sucker to pay attention to any of my wackiness on my blog www.nbruhn.blogspot.com , I'll just aquiesce to the randomness vibe.

Good luck on legit, though. That sounds like a really great moonlighting gig - writing for a paper. Just think, you will be able to become one of the many that you and everyone else openly despise --- The Media.......Ouch! What an ironic burn!

Chad said...

Randomness is good. Thruogh your blog, you have allowed some of us who know you (but not that well) know you better. This, my friend, has been good. Besides, it's good to laugh and discuss "nothing" from time-to-time.

Deana Nall said...

Good idea about the column. I can tell you who to talk to and his phone #, if you want it. I'll be a reference, too...if you need it!