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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Mace Windu Steals the Statistics Experiment!**

I got busted today by an Assistant Principal allowing my students to play hacky sack in the adjoining set shop after they'd finished their work. He was there to follow up an email I'd sent him. The AP just took up their hack and said nothing to me about it. The fact that he said nothing to me pissed me off more than anything. He acted as if I just had no clue what was going on, and was there to save the day. If he would have asked I would have said, "I had no idea what was going on." all innocent like. No, but really, I had already told the kids that if an admin person walked in whilst in mid hack they were to say it was statistics experiment.

So what's the big deal? These are good kids, have been emmensely helpful all year long in the shop, finished their work and were hacking around until the bell, in a room adjoining mine where they were seen, but not in the way. Big crime, right? Just like wearing torn jeans, a hat, earings, or colored hair. Give me a freakin' break!

Cody was right. I'm a sucky teacher. Summer here I come!

**the AP who ravaged my classroom looks earily like Sam Jackson's character in the newer Star Wars movies. Actually, when I was in high school we said he looked like a tall Yoda. Picture if these two characters mated.


tine said...

remind me why i am going to teach theatre?!
nice template...i also see that i was removed from the read list...that's some motivation to get some better material i guess!!

Kyle said...

Because you love theatre and you want to see it fill the lives of young people with joy. Now, if you'll just repeat that to yourself over and over everynight you may make it through your first year or so.

Seriously, you'll probably be much better at it than I am. When there's not a show going on I get really lazy with the classroom stuff.

Your back on my read list. I had to enter all the people back in when I switched looks and I forgot yours. Sorry.

Chad said...

Well, my students are playing Texas Hold em and I'm posting a comment to your blog during a chemistry class. What kind of teacher does that make me?

ML said...

Kyle, I think I'd be mad too if my AP took up the hacky sacs without consulting me. For all he knew they could have been doing an acting exercise or practicing for a bit to be used in a scene. I might understand his wanting it to stop if it were english or history, but theater?

Now if I let my 3rd graders do that, it would be terrible as they would forget the game and make war with the hacky sacs. And of course when my principal walked in, she would get it in the eye. Oy!!

Countdown begins....

jocelyn said...

i think it's cool that you let them play hacky sack. i mean, if the kids were just skipping your class or distracting other people, then i could see it being a problem. but not if you told them it was ok! besides, they're more likely to want to work hard for you when you need it if they know that you like them and think their interests are cool and you're not overly strict, etc. maybe your ap should do a little alexander technique to get rid of some extra stress!