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Thursday, June 30, 2005

Economix 101

So, I'm trying to come with a get rich quick scheme. Or not so much a get rich quick, but get some NY spending money quick. I really don't want to use credit cards and we didn't do a very good job of saving money for this trip. Some stuff is already paid for (hotel, dinner Thursday, tickets to Wicked, the Musical) But it is the extra stuff we are trying to get money for. I'm thinking of organizing a garage sale, but I don't have a garage. I could mow some lawns, but I don't own a lawnmower. I could go back in time and not buy the $800 life size statue of Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu but I don't have a time machine. So, I'm thinking maybe we just stop eating out so much? I've always hated money and wished we could just live life without it. Why can't we give everything to each other for free? I can go to the grocery store and buy groceries and just walk right out because... well, why would the people work for a living if they didn't need money? For that matter, would I teach high school if I didn't need a job for money? And, would those children care to learn and be educated if they didn't need an education to get stuff. Well, the government will need to get involved and make people work. Ooohhh! That's why communism doesn't work. I get it. So let's keep capitalism, but try to keep costs down, how about that? Inflation in my mind is illustrated like this: Trying to cross a rolling cylinder. For some reason that's just the image that comes to mind when I think of inflation.

And that's the first lesson in Economics 101 at Kyle U.


Chad said...

Too bad bartering doesn't work. You could exchange something like a goat for tickets. Of course, you'd need a goat to exchange.

Jason said...

Is panhandling without a license legal in NY? If so, you could do that. Pretend that you're stranded and need money to continue a race around the world.

ML said...

Okay. We'll have a garage sale. But only if we get all the family members with stuff in my garage to come help. I've been trying to sell some stuff too.