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Sunday, June 26, 2005

One More Time

Yes, I changed my look again. This time it was for more than just shear fickleness. I was having problems with my posts appearing way below the title of the post. It had never done that before. Anyhow, I thought that maybe I could change my template alltogether and it would fix the problem. I was right. I could change it back, but I'm kind of liking a new look anyway. Maybe I'll get a new name as well. My friend Dan changes his blog name super frequently. And while I'm not going to do that, some variation is always nice. Until I've landed on something I can live with forever.


Jason said...

I'd say I like it, but I don't. It's boring. Lots of people have this style.



Nathan Bruhn said...

Just a suggestion for laughs...

how about Great Shwetty Balls of Blog?
Good times, good times.

(By the way, I have a little surprise waiting for everyone up at the Harbour when they show up for rehearsals. I'm not giving any hintsm so don't bother.)

Nate Diggity Dogg and The Funky Bunch

Nathan Bruhn said...

hints, not hintsm. I am somewhat of a correct typing freak.
Lol. That was a joke, see. Oh, well, it's late and it's always cool to see another comment on the blog...even if it is just a garbage one like this.

Kyle said...

Sorry, Jason, despite agreeing that this design is somewhat overused, I can't figure out how to fix that problem I was having in the other template. I tried reverting back, thinking that it wouldn't matter if I picked it again, as if it were new, but it didn't work. I don't know what the problem was. In the end, it doesn't really matter, anyway.

So learn to love this Great Balls of Blog page. And I'm not going to chang the title again. I can't think of anything I like better except Great Blogs of Fire. But that's so obviously like the previous title, it would seem lame, negating the fact that it's a better title. I wish I'd thought of it to begin with. Oh, well.

Dan Carlson said...

This is a good template. Much easier to read than the old one.

Dan Carlson said...

This is a good template. Much easier to read than the old one.

Dan Carlson said...

This is a good template. Much easier to read than the old one.

ML said...

I so agree with Dan...all 3 times. It is much easier to read. I have a hard time with those dark blog colors. My old computer hates them even more. I have to check Chad's blog on Kim's computer.
Dav Smith is having the same problem with the large space after his title. I'll tell him to change his template and it might help.
I like your title too. It is so bloggish with a hint at a title we recognize. Its creative.
So, keep it light and creative.


Dan Carlson said...

I don't know why it posted three times. I mean, I'm obsessive, but not that much.