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Thursday, June 02, 2005

My Summer

It seems as though I'm not writing as much. It's summer and I should be writing more, since I have all this time on my hands. But, seem to be spending all my time doing a lot of things that I really want to do, and neglecting the things that I either need to do or had been doing on a regular basis. I wrote in one of my early blogs that I go through spurts of obsessiveness over something and that I will spend all my time doing that one thing. For instance, At the beginning of this last semester it was recording on GarageBand. Then I started blogging. For awhile I was reading up on Star Wars and I spent a lot of time doing that. Now I am wrapped up in video editing with iMovie. Although, this pastime is different. I have always been interested in movie making and editing. When I went to New York in 2000 for filmaking workshop at NYU I was the primary editor of our group. Mainly because I think the rest of them were burned out by the time we got to that point. It is a difficult and tedious process, but I love it. Anyway, that's all to say that this new obsession isn't really new. When I was taking a Video class at ACU I once spent 12 straight hours editing in the editing room. I only left to get a bite to eat which I brought back to the editing bay with me. Don't get me wrong. I like being behind the camera even more. But most people don't like the editing part. To me it's almost therapeutic. Anyway, I'm working on a movie that my brother Jason and I filmed with some of our friends for my grandparents' 50th wedding aniversary. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to get it together before the party, so I'm finally trying to get it edited together. I'm also editing together the production of Godspell that I was in from last December. My dad and Randy Haney filmed with two cameras, with one doing close ups. It's been a lot of fun to revisit the show so closely. I cringe everytime I do something fake or pretentious or self aware. It was filmed on the Invitational Dress Rehearsal night and I hadn't really grasped how the part should be played yet.


Chad said...

That's one of the great (and necessary) things about summer - breaking routine. As teachers, it's important to disengage. Enjoy your downtime, rejuvenate, do things you enjoy. Don't do only those "must do" things. But whatever you do, don't stop blogging.

Jason said...

All right! You're finally getting around to editing that movie we made. How long ago did we do that? Almost 4 years ago? I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product. Also, I could really use that tape again. I think seeing Godspell would be cool too because I didn't get to see your production, but I heard great things about it.

Speaking of movie making, did you see the film that dad made circa 1980 about child abuse that starred me and Billy Griffin? It's on one of those reels that dad pulled out with the projector. I found it after you left on the night we watched those films. It's actually pretty good, and I guess it's my acting debut at 3-years-old, or so. If you haven't seen it, ask dad about it.