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Sunday, June 05, 2005

"Once, Twice, 3 xs a Lay-day"

I love me some karaoke. Saturday night we sang and sang and sang till we couldn't sang no mo. Thanks to two of the greatest people in the world, the Eubanks for hosting such an amazing bash. I expect them to be checking this now since I gave them the address. If not, I take it all back. I had a blast and I want to do it again sometime soon. Amanda, the greatest sofa singer there eva wuz will be there next time. What's a "sofa singer?" or "sofa-singa?" Well, Amanda's not as apt to hop up and make a fool out of herself as I am, but watch her during anyone else's song and she's getting down. Getting funky, even, if the song calls for such a thing.

I think it would be fitting one of these days to write an entire blog using jr. high girl short hand. You know, "wut's ^?" "got somethin 4U." Or just adding in randomly, ":) smile, God loves you." I'm not judging or even debating the idea that God does in fact love me and that it should make me smile. It is simply precious and should be exploited. I'm not doing that here, but I'm in that mindset, so if my grammar suffers, sobeit.

I got this random reply from this fella from a not so distant past. (you can read it in the comments section of the last post, if you dare.) It was from someone I knew from a camp that I was a counselor at back in 1998 and 1999. Oh, how my life has changed since then. That was like a whole nother world for me. Arizona still holds a special place in my heart. I even wrote a play about one experience during that adventure. I cheered when the D-backs won the World Series, even though I'm jealous that they were able to do that in like five years and the Stros haven't done it in over 40! (different rant). But, my time there was life altering and affirming, and I still hold it as one of the most important things that I've done in my life. (1. Marriage 2. Camp counselor 3. NYU film school 4. Climbing a mountain 5. a bunch of stuff sticks out in my head. can't decide. must move on.)

So, this comment sent me scrounging through my old pictures, which lead to me finding pictures of other things as well. Some important, some not-so-much, others down right pretentious on my part. Sometimes I try to make art and end up making the crap in the middle aisle at the mall. It's interesting to look at, but no body's gonna buy it.

Taking a trip down memory lane is important at times. It reminds you where you've been, how far you've come, and may even help you refocus, if necessary. Plus, it gives you your nastolgia fix so that you can turn off VH1 and get something done for Pete's sake.

I start on Nathan's play tomorrow. I'll bet he doesn't sleep tonight.


ML said...

Kyle, I love you. You are so cool to read.

You now one of these days, I'm going to do kareoke (or however it is spelled) but not in front of people I know. Well maybe my family. I did it once at The Harbor with theater friends and I didn't know the song as well as I thought I did. I really sucked and was embarrased. So maybe I'm more of a "only in front of my personal mirror" kareoke singer or 'singa'.

Oh we MUST go to Kemah again and this time take Amanda.

Nathan Bruhn said...

Man, I was sleeping my tail off. I figured that if I prepared for it (the reahearsal) to be absolutely nothing like I pictured in my head, then it would probably be exactly how it is supposed to be.

I tend to not get too anxious about anything anymore. Maybe that's good, maybe that just means I have become emotionally lazy. Ha Ha.

P.S. ( :> Wuz ^, 4 reel! Werd 2 Yr Mutha. Piece Out.)